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19 color your life ! purple and violet

Meanings of Violet , Purple 
In Western and some Eastern cultures Violet is associated with mourning rituals.
In Christianity Violet is associated with Advent and Lent.
In North America pale purple along with yellow are considered Easter colors.
In some Native American tribes, purple represents wisdom, healing or gratitude.
In Japan Violet signifies wealth and power.
In Tibet amethyst is considered sacred to Buddha.
In the Ukrainian tradition of egg dyeing, purple dye signifies faith, patience and trust.
In Iran purple is an omen of the future depending on the color of the sun during an eclipse.
In Thailand widows wear purple to mourn their husband's death.
In Egypt purple represents virtue and faith.
In the English speaking world, Violet is often used as a girl's name.

If Your Favorite Color is Purple
Having either purple or violet as your favorite color means you are sensitive and
 compassionate,understanding and supportive, thinking of others before yourself - you
are the person others come to for help - being needed motivates you but sometimes
 people take advantage of you.
You are a gentle and free spirit. Your feelings run deep and you can be quite sensitive
 to hurtful comments from others, although you would never show it.
Being a personality color purple, you have a peaceful and tranquil quality and a quiet
dignity about you. People are drawn to your charismatic and alluring energy.
You are usually introverted rather than extroverted and may give the impression
of being shy although this is not the case.
You are creative and like to be individual in most of your endeavors, including your dress
and home decoration - you love the unconventional.
You are idealistic, and often impractical, with a great imagination, dreaming of a future in
an ideal fantasy world where you exclude the ugly side of reality - you tend to look
 at life through rose-colored glasses. People who don't understand you sometimes think
you are eccentric because you spend so much time in your fantasy world.
As a personality color purple, you are a generous giver, asking for little in return
except friendship.
If you constantly surround yourself with too much purple you can become moody.
If this is the case, balance the purple with some magenta.
You dislike responsibility and have difficulty dealing with real day-to-day problems.
With a personality color purple you like to have the best of everything, so you aim high.
Being the free spirit you are, you love to travel to experience different cultures and
meet new people.
You are a good judge of character and sum others up quite quickly and accurately,
 although you usually see the best in everybody.
Time means little to you and you are often late for everything. You trust the flow of the
Universe to take care of everything.
You need to be careful not to take on too many projects at a time as you can become
 quite scattered in your thinking, resulting in stress and confusion.
The Meanings of Violet, or what is also referred to as Purple are closely linked with our
subconscious thoughts of royalty and spirituality. Remember that the meanings of violet
or any other color are cultural and psychological. It's not an exact science but interesting
all the same.
A pure Violet or Purple hue is a Secondary Color. It's a blending of a warm Red and
 cool Blue on the Basic Color Wheel.
Because it's a mixture of two colors, violet containing more Red will be warmer, brighter
and more intense. It will tend to create color meanings more closely associated with Red.
And of course the meanings of violet containing more Blue will naturally have more of the
 cool,calming color symbolism of Blue.
Violet / Purple is the hardest color for the eye to discriminate. That's because it has the
 shortest wavelength in the light spectrum. The next shortest wavelength is Ultraviolet which
is invisible to the naked eye. Even people who work with color daily and are finely tuned
 to their nuances find it difficult to tell Red / Violet from Blue / Violet at times.
Men are generally more attracted to darker, rich Violets which lean toward Blue.
On the other hand, when red or lots of white is added to Violet / Purple to create Lavender
 or Mauve Pastel, the effect is ultra-feminine. The meanings of violet can be quite different
depending on whether they lean toward blue or red.
here you can see some of my purple violet nails simple colored :

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18 Does anyone has the same problem ????? Winter gloves for nail polish addict girls !!!!!

does anyone has the same problem? i must cut the tops of the winter gloves because my nails perforate it all
so almost all gloves i finished with hand made work.of course there is some mark on the left gloves to know that is actually left gloves

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Here is some of my new pictures .
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